Ordering and payment options

To make it easy for purchasers we are providing several ordering and payment options.

The Online Store lists the varieties we have and you can order using this system. We will also accept orders by email, phone or by post or at the open days. Request a full colour hard copy catalogue by emailing annette.tenbroeke@bigpond.com

Orders will not be secured until payments are processed.

Please read the Payment options to find out how to pay for your order.

GST is included in all prices and the term VAT following prices equals GST.

Please read the Terms and conditions to find out about ordering conditions, substitutes and time of supply.

Special arrangement must be made for TASMANIA AND WESTERN AUSTRALIA due to the requirements for entry to those states. There are additional charges and special shipment times.

Check the Postage to see the rate of postage for each state that will be added to your order total.  

  • Price list and order form

    To order Tall Bearded Iris "Click" on the photographs in the Online Store to see the variety name, photograph, and price. Alternatively we can post you an order form and comprehensive hard copy price list.
    Stocks of new varieties are limited this year so please nominate a few varieties we can use as substitutes.

  • Visit on our open days

    Visit Riverina Iris Farm when the irises are in flower. Open daily from 11th October to 31st October 2021 and the weekend of the 6th & 7th November 2021.
    First Daylily open weekend 4th & 5th December 2021 then over summer by appointment.

  • For news items and notifications of specials go to the news page.

    News and notices will be listed on FACEBOOK - Riverina Iris Farm.
    If you have particular varieties in mind check the Online Store or email us to obtain a summarised Price . The Online Store is in alphabetical list with as many photos as I have been able to take of varieties that flowered last spring.

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International database

16. Sep, 2015

There are more than 50,000 Tall Bearded Iris varieties. The following website lists many varieties and their breeding details, year of release and photographs.


26.11.2022 22:32


Hi Annette, I have only found your beautiful farm. I might be late but do you have any purple iris. Is your farm open on weekends. Thanks heaps.

26.11.2022 22:37


Hi Tracy, yes I am open the first 2 weekend in December - mainly for Daylilies however I have lots of purple iris and a full colour list you can look at - c u soon Annette

12.11.2022 11:41


Hi Annette 🙂
Where can I enter a wish list?
And in that can I just have an appropriate reply with choice of proceeding or not, with purchasing TB irises?

29.10.2022 07:56


I'm looking for an iris but I don't know it's name. It's a light pink/peach but the most distinctive feature is the frills are edged with a shimmering light gold colour. My gran grew it in Cootamundra

21.10.2022 10:16


Do you have Above It All?

12.11.2022 11:47


Maybe you can come up with a photo?
Otherwise look through all the irises you can google up. Was it a tall bearded? What group does it fit into? If you don't know then google by colour eg peach irise

21.10.2022 20:20


sorry Paula, I have about 1500 but do not have that one sadly

25.06.2022 02:34


Do you ship internationally with a phytocertificate?

25.06.2022 03:09


Hello Char & Margaret, sorry but it seems harder to ship overseas than it is to import iris - you have to employ an export agent which I imagine would be costly - there are many iris grower in the USA

10.06.2022 18:32

Margaret Roan

i would like a list of your irises for sale with price. thank you

30.01.2022 05:02

Fiona Williams

Hi, I was just wondering when is the best time to buy some dwarf irises, everything is sold out atm..
Many thanks, Fiona

30.01.2022 07:15


Hi Fiona, I can send you some photos of what is available / and / or you can send me a wish list - I am
Working through current orders so this is best

24.10.2021 10:58

Veronica Lowe

Hi, I was looking for an iris named Barbara may and was wondering if you have it.

24.06.2021 10:24


Please let me know when your irises are back up for sale. Thank you

05.04.2021 03:03


wanting to be on your email list please

13.10.2020 21:53

Anne Watts

Hi all just enquiring if you have the beautiful silver streak please