Riverina Iris Farm in full bloom in mid October each year.

Welcome to Riverina Iris Farm

I am sorry it is taking some time to make all I can available on the website - as fast as I put them as available they sell again - please send me a wish list if what you like is sold out so I can check supplies for you. Annette 

Welcome to our website where we offer Tall Bearded Iris and Dwarf and Median Bearded Iris and Daylilies from our collection of around 1500 varieties. 

Iris sales were very strong last season. Please be patient while until we complete our stocktake in August and put plants available this season back on the market. We are already building wish-lists for customers and these will be confirmed once the stocktake is complete. 

The website is set at one only. If you see something you love is SOLD OUT on the website or you would like more than one of a particular variety please send through your wish-list and I will check to see if I have enough stock before you order. Please discuss delivery time with us. Thank you for your patience. 

A limited number of daylilies are available with many Daylilies available to order again in Spring 2022. About 60 will be available in pots in October with Bare rooted varieties ordered available in April 2023.

A hard copy full colour listing is available - please message us to request a copy.

Our iris garden was started in 2013 and each year we have added new beds and varieties. There are limited numbers of each, however we will do our best to supply your order or substitute from your wish list. The online shop has three main groups - Tall Bearded Iris and Median and Dwarf Iris and Daylilies with a small collection of Water Iris and Cannas. We will open again in October 2022 by appointment - daily from the 15th October to the 30th October for Iris flowering and in December for Dayliliy flowering (10 am to 4 pm). We may open other days by appointment. (This is all assuming we are allowed to do this in 2022.)  We sincerely hope visitors are vaccinated and maintain social distancing. My Mum is 90 in October and I must protect her. Please do not come if you are unwell with the flu or Covid symptoms.

We have approximately 200 daylilies which flower over summer. We will open by appointment only on the weekend of the Saturday 3rd and Sunday 4th, Saturday 10th and Sunday 11th of December 2022 and throughout the summer by appointment to view the daylilies. Again the above COVID safe restrictions will apply.

For news updates and information on our open days please follow us on FaceBook - Riverina Iris Farm or Riverina Plants and Gardening. Many new photos are shared on these sites.

This garden on the edge of Wagga Wagga was inspired by my Mother Mary's love of irises and it is with great pleasure we share these wonderful hardy plants with keen gardeners all over Australia, particularly those within the southern inland of NSW.  

Additional information can also be found on the My Open Garden website.

We look forward to meeting you. You can message us in the guestbook or contact us by phone or email.  


Mobile  0432777142

Email annette.tenbroeke@bigpond.com

Planet Max
Customer feedback: Thank you very much for the iris plants. You have been very generous in that I have 15 instead of the 11 ordered. They all have great roots and are the best that I have ever had via online ordering.

  • About us and growing guide

    Riverina Iris Farm established in recent years with the initial display beds planted in our garden in March 2013 with additional collections planted in our paddock each March. We now have around 1500 varieties.

    Irises are easy care plants once established and some growing tips are included to assist you achieve good results in your garden.

    We prefer to dig and deliver rhizomes in March however arrangement can be made at other times.

    Local orders will be available at an iris pick-up weekend in mid March or orders can be posted.

    Some irises may be available at the open garden for immediate delivery.

  • Contact us

    You can get in touch with us by phone or email or leave us a message using our Guestbook.

    We will make sure we get back to you as soon as possible.

    email: annette.tenbroeke@bigpond.com

  • Online Catalogue

    Some 1000+ varieties will be listed in the Online Store or catalogue which were gathered together from several leading Australian Iris breeders and some from overseas breeders.

    Approximate 80 daylily varieties will be available in limited numbers.

    Click on each photo to see each variety enlarged. Photos of some varieties to be added when available.
    * Many varieties have limited supplies so if you require 2 or more of any variety please check with us on availability.
    (The website shop can only be set to 1 available or many and rarely do I have "many".)

Money raised for various charities each year - Enjoy!!

Kind regards Annette tenBroeke


06.11.2022 04:17

Gloria Manu

Love that one Alarm Belle do you send the rishome?How much are they and postage to Werribee Melbourne please

12.11.2022 12:05

Annette tenBroeke

Hi Gloria, I will send you an email - best wishes Annette

15.10.2022 23:22

Delwyn Busch

Hi Annette, I’m hoping you can help both my mum (83) & myself.
What is a Flag Lily? Is there a difference between the two? Everyone that I’ve spoke to has never heard of a Flag Lily.

12.10.2022 23:46


All the best to you for this happy time - iris season. I hope it is very successful for you.
Some day if ever I get opportunity to do so I will come and visit your gardens also. No reply needed, bye.

12.11.2022 12:04

Annette tenBroeke

Hello Wren
I will email you - if you want to send a wish list just reply to the email - You cant really do this on the website. Cheers Annette

12.10.2022 05:26

Sally-Lynn Sykes

my address is 16 Norfolk Ave now could you please change

11.10.2022 22:38

Susan McRae

A friend saw an iris she described as "such a deep red it was almost black." I know a lot of purple/black but not red/black. Maybe you do?

12.10.2022 14:14


Sorry Susan, I can’t send to America. There are many fantastic iris growers in America - I can send u a list ?

22.08.2022 05:52

Nancy Butler

Do you send to Tasmania. If so can I get a catalogue please

17.09.2022 21:41


H i Nancy, I hope I saw this and sent an email - Yes I send to Tasmania and Wa with special conditions and requirements. Please email me your address for a catalogue annette.tenbroeke@ bigpond.com

06.07.2022 11:22

Julie Gibson

Hello I was wondering if could get a catalogue sent to me in Tassie and do you send your Irises to Tas

07.07.2022 07:05


Yes I do send to Tasmania (Once a year so I can meet quarantine requirements). I will send you an email.

18.06.2022 01:39

Robyn Enever

I would love one of your packs for $90. Have a couple in my garden Looking forward to more now we are not travelling in our caravan anymore. Intend coming over to your open days.

18.06.2022 09:25


Hello Robyn, I am happy to provide these - I will email you - Annette

30.05.2022 04:41

Carole Vogler

I would like a catalog if it’s possible for next year or this. I definitely would like to purchase Lily My Love Iris when you are back in stock.6

30.05.2022 10:54


Hello Carole
I have already opened my order book for 2022 season. I will reserve Lily for you - cheers

15.05.2022 10:36

Frances Still

Could I please have a copy of your catalogue & postage cost to Tasmania. Address is 18 Donohoe Gardens, Kingston Beach, Tasmania 7050

17.05.2022 00:11


Posting you some information today , cheers