I have added to this collection of images from our efforts to develop this garden.

For your enjoyment I have included a collection of beautiful photos of our iris, roses, daylilies, bulbs and general garden shots.



27.07.2021 22:47


Hi could I requeest a catalogue

27.07.2021 23:02


Hi Caitlyn. I have sent you an email - please reply to the email cheers

15.10.2018 13:31

Joy Ripper

Hi could I please have a price list of your medium irises, that are now available. Ta

17.10.2018 12:45


Hello Joy I am sending out catalogues this week & would love to send one - it lists mediums and dwarfs as well as tells - I will need your postal address ?

28.06.2018 06:06

Carol Connell

Could I please have a price list of the median irises if available. Tks

17.10.2018 12:46


Hello Carol I am sending out catalogues this week & would love to send one - this includes the mediums - I will need your postal address to send you one?

28.06.2018 21:51


Hello Carol - sure - I will send you a list and put some photos up of the ones that flowered last Spring - thank you for your interest Annette

08.10.2016 06:16

nancye kopunic

Congratulations Annette. terrific website. Will write to you. Nancye

08.10.2016 08:11


Hello Nancy , thank you - 1000s of photos and just adding the ones closest to the actual colour- hope all is well A

27.10.2015 12:33

Susan Schiffer

Hi Annette I am sorry for troubling you, but please would you confirm my order of 23rd October '15 for 6 TB Iris + pp - $72.00. I wish to forward payment for my order. Thank you.
Susan Schiffer.

27.10.2015 12:51


Hi Susan, I am pleased to confirm the 6 irises you ordered will be available and when I see your payment i will mark it as paid of the website - Thank u for your order.

21.10.2015 12:57


Hi Susan, I have added Ballet Queen and look forward to your order, thank you.

23.10.2015 04:57

Susan Schiffer

Thanks for that Annette. I have just paced my order. I will very much look forward to your delivery in March, or there abouts.

21.10.2015 09:00

Susan Schiffer

I would like to place an order with you. I have chosen 6 Tall Bearded Iris, and I would like to add 'Ballet Queen Tijara' also. However I cannot find it in your on line catalogue. Please advise.

31.10.2014 11:40

marg Jenkins

Great website. I bet your camera is busy right now. I'll check the site again before I decide what irises to send you in March.

24.10.2014 06:03


I am coming over in November with Penny Sutherland Can't wait I just love iris