For 2014-16 we are focused on Irises though we have about 100 daylilies with limited numbers for sale in 2016

Online store

Orders will be sent out in Late April/May-June unless you request a different delivery time.

About 25 daylily pots will be available at the open garden on 8th & 9th December- Some $15 & some $20 depending on size and plants in the pot. Other will be available bare rooted in Autumn after flowering and iris deliveries. Prices on this site are for bare-rooted daylilies.


The daylilly garden was first established in March 2013 as a display garden.  More daylilies will be added to the online shop as the plants clump up enough for us to divide them.

All photographs are copyright and additional photos will be added throughout the year as they are named, resized and uploaded.

All prices include GST which will be shown on your invoice. (The term VAT equals GST).

Daylilies are scattered in amongst the iris for effect and there is a special collection of daylilies in the centre square giving a lovely effect.


Red Canna

Price: 10.00 AUD

Daylily display

Price: 0.01 AUD
Display establish in mid 2015 - Daylilies in 3 circles and Liliums in the centre.Limited numbers available.