Ready for our first open gardens

Developing the display garden in March 2013 with Iris from Bolong, Tempo Two, Rainbow Ridge, Yarrabee and our previous garden at Tarcutta.

Planting to first blooms

Building our iris farm - phase 1 2014

A pretty selection of pink irises

Golds and variations on Yellow

Blues and Purples - almost black

A selection of orange / rust variations - stunning!!

Whites and creams and some of their variations

Pretty pink / apricot irises

Iris starting with A Act Three, Afternoon Delight, Alpenview, Ask a Lady, Amber Essence, Barbara My Love, Antiquity, Amy's Flower.

Magenta Rose, Mayfair Melody, Magic by Gosh, Move On, Musciian, My Sister Janet, My Delimma, Mything Tooth.

Bulbs are a wonderful addition - extending the time we have flowers and adding a stunning splash of colour.

Other interesting blossoms and bulbs - Ranunculus, Jacoben, Dutch iris and Pineapple lilly.

We have been adding daylilies to extend the time we have flowers and they flower after the iris.

Daylilies had been added from Bolong, Mountain View in QLD and Rainbow Daylilies in WA

Scattering daylillies amongst the Iris adds to the interest in the display gardens

Liliums are another of our favourites and we have started growing them in pots

Our back garden if filled with roses and in time beds will be established in-between the iris beds.

Christmas flowers 2014

One of our lovely neighbours will have Hippiastrums for sale.

A Special selection of daylilies

We love our pets Max, Leo our blind Husky and Kitty who follow me around checking my work!!!

Thanks to our beautiful Felicity family - sold in April 2014 we have funded this garden development. (Southern Cross Murray Greys - Australia's own beef breed)

Archways with climbing roses create structure and framing for the garden.

I have added to this collection of images from our efforts to develop this garden.

For your enjoyment I have included a collection of beautiful photos of our iris, roses, daylilies, bulbs and general garden shots.